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Opulent Temple presents 'Sacred Dance' - White Attire Event

Jun 29 2013 9:00 pm

Opulent Temple presents 'Sacred Dance'
In association with Cruz Coalition & Steampunk Saloon

OT and friends are bringing their signature event back to L.A. again this summer - -A transplant of our annual 'White Party' we do on playa every year for a 3rd Annual special event.

Lot 613 will be transformed in 3 areas, inside and out, into a white oasis of art, beauty and eclectic wonderments. Attendees are part of the decor with creative and daring interpretations of white attire and accompaniments we can't even imagine.

A special vibe is co-created between dancers and DJ, between the music and the atmosphere. This is not like every other night. This is our favorite event for vibe, music and intention that we do, as it has been every Wednesday night at Burning Man since 2003.

*Creative and Fabulous White Attire Requested*

Discount pre-sales :

Featuring very special guest and playa favorite of OT and friends since 2004:

:: THE SCUMFROG / @scumfrog

Celebrating his new album out on Armada Records "In Case We're All Still Here"

:: SYD GRIS (Opulent Temple / Opel Productions, SF)
:: DJ WOLFIE (Steampunk Saloon)
:: TEK FREAKS (Opulent Temple, SF)
:: LOOMER (Camp Charlie / Cruz Coalition)
:: 2 HEADED MONSTER (The Steampunk Saloon)
:: NICK THE NECK (Pocket Underground)
:: MARK ZABALA (Ninja Skillz)
:: FLEETWOOD SMACK (Camp Charlie)
:: WINNEBEGO (The Dirty Beetles)
:: MATTY FUNGUY (The Hush Crew)
:: KIMBA (Opel / Delta 9 / Opulent Temple)
:: FRIAR TUCK (Disorient)
:: MEGAWON (ZeroDb)

much more tba

Still a 100% benefit for Opulent Temple's future projects

Featuring the Steampunk Saloon in the 2nd large room, and a Silent Disco out on the Patio
- Live Painting
Satine Pheonix
Kimerbly Kite
Benedigital Arts
Mariposa Curiosa
Bow Borden

- Sufi Dancing
- Midnight Ceremony
- Cirque Style Ambient Performers
- Visuals by Eye Vapor
- Art Installations
- Photo Gallery
- Sound by James Garcia and Audio Video Events
- Outside Patio w Vendors and Artists
- Full Bars
- Coat Check

Discount pre-sales :

9pm-4am :: Come Early, Stay Late
21+ only w ID
Lot 613
613 Imperial St, Los Angeles, 90021

0 June 26, 2013


May 24 2013
May 27 2013

Green Wave Presents
Steampunk Saloon and Opulent Temple's
BOOMTOWN. -May 24,25,26,27
An arts, education, and musical camp out

Memorial Day Weekend 2013
May 24,25,26,27

$125-$200 tickets available via beTIcketing.

Ticket Link:


Now that Agua Dulce is experiencing wildfires, and the fire danger is rated as "extreme", we and the authorities both feel that it would be too dangerous to host our event at our original location.

We have chosen to move our event to tribal lands in Apple Valley.

Our new location is 100 percent confirmed and contracted. We have camping for at least 1500 people and have two areas for sound, with music extended to 3am. We are pleased to now have the ability to host fire performers. There is also a quiet camping option, and the site features multiple faucets with spring fed water.

BOOMTOWN is now a family friendly event -- kids under 12 are free, minors 13-17 must be accompanied by an adult and purchase a regular ticket.

Apple Valley is located 90 minutes northeast of Los Angeles, conveniently located off the 15 freeway.

Alcohol is permitted, but will not be sold on site.

The Performers for the Steampunk Saloon:

The Crystal Method (DJ set)
David Starfire
Desert Dwellers (solo set)
Alex Zelenka
Auditory Canvas
DJ Wolfie
Treavor Moontribe

2-Headed Monster-Little Giants- Motion Potion
Mark Zabala-Mike Insane-Tropo-Jokton
Pop Hayden Magic Show-Loomer-Shakti Bliss
The Invisibles-Matt Cole-Fleetwood Smack
Hawk-Jaques the Ripper-BassMechanic-Matt Haze
Kat Parry-Nick Nix-BK Willy-dj Sandbag-Will Levine

Our perfomers for the Opulent Temple:

DJ Dan
DJ Rap

And the residents:
Syd Gris-Tek Freaks - Dutch -Vinkalmann-
-Drew Drop-Dulce Vita-DJ Icon- Brian Peek
Billy Seal-Billy Casazza- Brian Williams
-Mike Butler- Eliki - Kimba Read more »

0 May 09, 2013

Insane's Football Fundraiser!

May 10 2013 9:00 pm

You know how Mike Insane is not just a DJ/ Filmmaker but also a football coach... yeah! Well his kids need things like athletic tape, new gear, training tools, not to mention the fact that the coaching staff only make about $400.00 total for volunteering for a whole year. So, Mike Insane is putting his skills as a promoter to work to help his kids.

This event will be free admission and packed with great DJs and yummy drinks. It will be low key and tons of fun. People will be going around asking for donations for the team so please bring cash to give the kids some love.

Lineup will Include:


FATFINGER, Plump/ Project Alma


Fingers, Steampunk Saloon

+ more TBA

9-2, 21+ w/ ID

ALSO - You can donate to the team if you cannot make it...


0 May 09, 2013


May 14 2013 9:00 pm
May 30 2013 2:00 am

Back again your favorite Tuesday monthly May 14th!


On the decks will be:
BASEHEAD (BugEyed Records / Elektroshok Records)
Brute Squad (The Cruz Coalition / Ninja Skillz)
Hyjynx (BurnLA)

Plus resident DJ and Cruz Coalition Co-Founder:

Always just $5.00 presale!
$10 at the door!

Live Artists!


Follow the people involved:

0 April 30, 2013

The Rogue Mechanica and BurnLA present: GALACTIC SUPER SANDWICH!

Jan 31 2013 9:00 pm
Feb 1 2013 3:00 am

The Rogue Mechanica and BurnLA present: GALACTIC SUPER SANDWICH!

Presales available here:

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's... GALACTIC SUPER SANDWICH! Do you have your own, unique superhero costume that you're dying to wear? Do you secretly yearn to hit the streets of Hollywood and fight crime to funky beats? Or do you just really like wearing your underwear over your pants?? Galactic Super Sandwich is an immersive, mythical, superhero-themed circus party, filled with colorful, interactive characters, Djs, bands, live performers, hoopers, spinners, freaks, villains, and more! Come in costume and dance/spin/play with us!!

Join us at The King King on Hollywood Blvd. on Thursday, January 31st! This is a 21+ event. Entrance is in the back of the venue, through the adjacent parking lot!


HYJYNX (NinjaSkillz/BurnLA / LA)

Eric Jag (PEX / Playloop / LA)

Lushbunny (Disorient / LA)

The Rogue Mechanica

And a SUPER secret special guest opener!


Projections by: The Psychic Gnome Society

Aerial Performances by: Emily Pennington
and Pamela Samuelson

Dancers and Wandering Characters provided by: PRISM ENTERTAINMENT

Live Painting by: Siobhan Shier
and Megan Stevens

Air-Brushing by: Gypsy Rose

Wandering Characters, Aerial Performers, Hoopers, Flow Arts, a Cuddle Puddle, Live Bands, DJs,

More to be announced!

LIMITED number of $10 presales available here: Read more »

0 January 28, 2013

Seria Star 2nd Anniverary Event

Feb 8 2013 9:30 pm
Feb 9 2013 2:00 am

Seria Star is marking it's 2nd birthday and a major celebration is in store! Talented dancers from LA and SD will start the evening off right with some beautiful performance. They'll joined by special groups performing American Tribal Style, dancing to the live drum rhythms of Frank Lazzaro and Cairo Beats.

Samazon will bring us up to speed with her new groove and will get the dance floor ready for Pocket Underground's King of tech house Sammy Bliss and Ninja Skillz favorite Mark Zabala!

Amanda Olah
Russia Hardy
Laura Dasi
Patricia Herrington
Raine Alexandre & Muse Melange
ATS Dancers
and more TBA

Mark Zabala
Sammy Bliss

Doors at 9pm
Cover $5 before 9:30pm, $10 after

Crafts, earrings and jewelry sold by:
Justine LittleWing Babyteeth

For a full size flier go to:

Flier designed by the talented Josie Herschel:

~Celebrate Life~


The Kava Lounge
2812 Kettner Blvd.,
San Diego, California 92102

0 January 22, 2013

BurnLA Presents: The Brute Squad, Sammy Bliss, Mia Dangerfield, Mark Zabala & HYJYNX!

Jan 26 2013 10:00 pm
Jan 27 2013 6:00 am

Private Event.... RSVP ONLY
Sat. Jan. 26th

Pre-Sales Available @

Join BurnLA Saturday, Jan. 26th for another great night of ART, MUSIC, & PERFORMANCES. 6 artists from 3 different cities will be converging all on one night to give you an experience you will never forget.


THE BRUTE SQUAD (Ninja Skillz/Cruz Coalition) SD
-Their energy is infectious, turning a crowd of spectators into excited participants. Since their debut this pair has already melted faces with prime time sets in Mexico, Las Vegas as well as their home base of Los Angeles. If you want your party rocked, "call the Brute Squad." When the dust settles, you’ll be on the Brute Squad too!

Sammy Bliss (Pocket Underground [LA] /NinjaSkillz

Mia Dangefield (Disorient) Philly

Mark Zabala (NinjaSkillz) LA

Hyjynx - (BurnLA/NinjaSkillz) LA

Jackson - (BurnLA) LA

Fire Performances:

Level Space Fire Performers


Premo Plugz

Get Discount Pre-Sales @

21+ ONLY

(You must be a member of the venues group page to receive the address. Please PM BurnLA to be added to the group.)

West Side LA
Los Angeles, California
View Map · Get Directions

0 January 21, 2013

Ninja Skillz Presents: Everybody MOVE!

Jan 12 2013 9:00 pm
Jan 13 2013 2:00 am

It's a New Year and with that we here at Ninja Skillz thought we would try out a new venue. We hope you'll join us for a night of serious ass shaking.

Your musical masters for the evening are:

The Brute Squad
And a special opening set by Matt Cole

0 January 04, 2013


Dec 15 2012 9:00 pm
Dec 16 2012 3:00 am

1st Annual White Blissmas Charity Ball !!!
Presented By BurnLA, The Cruz Coalition & The LA League of Arts

DECEMBER 15TH, LOT 613 9PM-3AM....maybe a little later ;-)

BurnLA, The Cruz Coalition & The LA League of Arts are joining forces for a great cause!

This will be a fantastic event supporting two wonderful projects in need. . . The Aquaponic Educational Garden at Santee High School in South Central LA and the Hurricane Sandy Relief in New York and New Jersey. West Coast/East Coast working together to make one great place to live.

What we will have in store for you:
2 rooms of amazing music!
Live painting and art auction!
Vendors for you to get those holiday presents!


$15.00 - 1st tier SOLD OUT!!!!
$20.00 - 2nd tier tickets
$30.00 - Door Price!


FIRST TIME EVER - Tag team set!!! 9 pm - 10:30 pm










Sound by ChinoSound...feel the BOOM!
One of the top 10 food trucks in LA!
------------------------------------------------------------------- Read more »


613 Imperial

0 December 12, 2012

Ninja Skillz Presents: The Students & The Sensei

Dec 7 2012 9:00 pm
Dec 8 2012 2:00 am

Our next installment of Ninja Skillz Presents is titled "The Students and the Sensei" for a damn fine reason: the dazzling beat mistress divaDanielle happens to be both Will and Sendai's Sensei in the fine art of making da booty shake.

For Will, the journey of becoming a DJ started shortly after returning from his first Burn in 2009. Flashback to August of 2009, our Ole Carnie Uncle Saynt had suggested over dinner that Will (or Kimmie) should consider giving DJing a try. While riding on an Art Car called Jabba's Palace (Bacon without Borders, woooohooo!!) Will described the dinner scene to Diva and she quite matter-of-factly said "You should do it!" Will replied, "Will you teach me?"

Being the wonderful, kind, and generous person that she is, Diva took the large, earth-roaming mammal under her wing and shared with him the fine art of DJing. It's been a magical 3 years of booty shaking ever since......

djSendai is apparently too in demand to send me his story about how diva took him on as a student. So let's just make one up!

djSendai was buck naked on a railroad track heading nowhere when all of a sudden a wee lass with DDs was riding a Unicorn and said "You there, naked boy. Would you like to learn the fine are of making booties shake"? The rest of the story cannot be told here due to fuzzy details. But the first part was totally true.

(Sendai's after-thoughts -- the real story is indeed, very fuzzy. Needless to say it almost certainly involved spending too much time in some sort of haze with Diva & crew either in Glendale or Venice. At my first public outing - thanks to Diva - I'm fairly sure I was running on at best, 2 hours of sleep, and was so faded from a long night beforehand at Area33 I held myself up with the equipment. Here's the results --

****Special note: We'll be celebrating two birthdays on this night for two wonderful and lovely ladies: the Dance Machine Jenn Bowen and Miss CherryPie!**** Read more »

0 December 05, 2012